1 Day Advance Full Lip & Eyeliner Class



In this 1-day advance class, you will work on live models, while our expert master Opm instructors monitor your work, we will perfect your lip and eyeliner shape and design methods and stretching technique

You’ll need to accommodate the client without any help. Opm insists that our training graduates have the confidence and knowledge necessary to avoid any mistakes.

Of course, the client’s face is not for you to practice on—which is why we provide practice skins during the Intermediate level. 

Permanent makeup is a rewarding and fulfilling career. It only makes sense that you invest time and energy into perfecting your skills. Train with a company that cares for your career and your clients! As the only U.S. company that performs organic permanent makeup.

Opm promises you a unique and thorough education.

To be the best, you need to study with the best. Train with Organic Permanent Makeup today.


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